• If I cannot fly, let me sing!

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  • I first worked with Elizabeth when I wanted to improve my singing technique. Her teaching also flowed over in to my job. She taught me to project my voice and this has helped me speak much more clearly and also gave me a great deal of confidence. Learning to perform in front of an audience as a singer, also helped me when speaking/presenting to to an audience.

    She is a gifted teacher who recognizes that each person learns at a different level and pace

  • Elizabeth is an amazing vocal coach. Although singing in some respect throughout my life, it wasn't Elizabeth opened unexpected doors for me that I actually realized my potential. With her expert training and encouragement, I was, at the age of 75, able to mount my own public concert, to my great satisfaction and to the apparent satisfaction of the (paying!) audience.. Ensemble rehearsals and performances are another source of joy. All of us who are fortunate to take part in these annual shows agree that Elizabeth's enthusiasm is the catalyst that brings us all together as a synergistic whole; we are one close family.

  • I have hired Elizabeth as a Director of Performance for executive offsite strategic planning sessions, and she delivers the best. Her sessions are filled with energy, and she brings out the best in everyone. I have no doubt she can do the same for any organization.

  • Elizabeth is an enlightened teacher--she figures out what's getting in your way, and then, without you ever realizing it, she's got you through it and you're off to the next level. She really tunes in to her students to help them learn and hear themselves. She's everything a teacher should be; gifted, kind, intelligent, and subtle.

  • I have been working with Elizabeth from June 2009 and I have noticed a vast improvement in my voice, the range of my voice and the confidence in my voice.
    I would recommend Elizabeth to anyone who really want to SING

  • Elizabeth's professional attitude combined with her effervescent personality help to bring the best out in her students. I experienced marked improvement during my time under her wing. Anyone at any level would benefit greatly from Elizabeth's tutelage.

  • Elizabeth is an excellent singing instructor. She has such a lovely and encouraging personality. I always looked forward to my lessons with her and felt I learned a great deal.

  • Elizabeth has been my vocal coach for the past 8 years. I have a lot to thank her for, her service has done me a world of good - giving me the confidence I never had to use my voice as an instrument.

    Elizabeth provides great techniques with a high degree of professionalism. I am forvever grateful for her services and kindness!

  • Elizabeth is a fantastic singing teacher. She inspires you to develop the potential in your voice and express yourself through singing. I enjoyed every moment of every class with Elizabeth!